We Manufacture Wood Crates for Fruits and Vegetable Transport, Wood Boxes for Apples, Cranberries, Potatoes and Onions.

Are you looking for wood crates? Farmers and vegetable growers in Quebec and the United States were quick to realize the advantages of our wood crates for fruit and vegetable transport, which is why we manufacture wood boxes for fruit and vegetables of excellent quality, cases which are perfectly adapted to your needs. Charland transforms wood into wooden crates, producing the ideal transport crate for all kinds of fruit and vegetable crops.

Whether transporting your apple production from the orchard to the warehouse, shipping it from a distance or chilled storage in wooden crates, we are here to manufacture the perfect wood box. Regardless of your specifications, we produce wood crates for fruit and vegetable transport in order to meet the particular constraints of your equipment and your installations. You have precise size requirements in mind, we can take care of it! You want to add dividers, reinforcements, handles, we’re always listening.

Our prices are very competitive and we deliver our wood crates for the transportation of fruits and vegetables throughout Quebec, Canada and even the United States.

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Fruit and vegetable producers everywhere count on the quality of our foldable wooden cases.

They benefit from wooden boxes that meet all their requirements, both in terms of size and the protection of freshly picked fruits for transport. If it’s time to replace your existing fruit or vegetable crates, increase your storage capacity or optimize the transport of your crops, our team is able to produce new ones quickly. Our high-quality assembly and manufacturing details ensure rigidity and proven strength, which goes beyond 15 years of service, solidly built for a long-term investment.

Cranberry Growers From Here to Wisconsin Use our Reputable Folding Wood Crates.

Our tried and tested wood crates are the most solid, proven and apt to handle vegetable crops.

Our transport boxes of all sizes are custom made to meet all kinds of transport needs. We manufacture wooden crates and boxes specifically designed for carrots, onions and potatoes as examples. If you happen to produce pumpkins and squash, that’s not a problem, we have the wooden transport crate that’s perfectly suited to your type of crop.

Do You Farm Squash and Pumpkins?
No Problem, We Have the Wooden Transport Box Perfectly Suited to Your Type of Crop.

Manufacturing Details for Our Fruit and Vegetable Transport Crates

  • Well selected materials to ensure the strength and quality of our wood boxes for transportation
  • The choice of wood species and the quality of the wood required for the longevity of the product
  • The quality of the straps used for hinges
  • Spiral nails and strong and effective metal anchors on the sides and bottoms of all our boxes
  • A quality assembly made by a team of experts
  • Save space when you order our folding crates
  • Transport of several boxes at a time by forklift or tractor
  • Possibility of 49-50 cases on a truck or 275 foldable crates