Our Team Understands Your Requirements in Architectural Design, We Offer a Multitude of Custom Wood Products and Components.

We offer wood products and components such as hemlock beams and custom boards to meet your wood, renovation, construction or furniture needs. We produce large boards according to your specifications.

We’re at our best when it comes to custom shaping support beams, architectural beams or any other type of hemlock beams and custom boards for building your home, for outdoor structures or for any project you have in mind.


Our support posts also hold up up to expectations. Our team produces support posts, poles used for house construction and also wooden beams made of hemlock and custom boards for any architectural specification you may require.

Let’s talk about posts!

Do you have a construction project that requires wood components? Do you have a particular dimension you need produced in shop? Don’t hesitate to ask for a quote for any beam production, post or made to measure boards.

Our wood production rates are very competitive, let’s talk about your project!

Need beams?

When it comes to quality wood products, our know-how and years of experience are here to please. Our team works with state-of-the-art tools, enabling us to produce a multitude of wood products, architectural components which are delivered quickly and according to your particular specifications.


  • Custom made Hemlock beams

  • Custom support posts

  • Custom boards

  • Standard and custom sizes

  • Delivery is available

Wood species:

  • Hemlock

  • White pine

  • Western Red Cedar

  • BC Fir

  • Other varieties upon request

As our Many Satisfied Customers, You Too Can Count on GCharland for Personalized Service, at Very Competitive Prices.