Welcome to Gilles Charland Inc., Your Trusted Partner for All of Your Value-Added Hardwood Needs.

Because We Know Wood…

For four generations, with more than 70 years in the hardwood business, GCharland has positioned itself with four well-defined offerings.

Mainly, we offer a wide selection of crates, wooden transportation boxes for the handling of fruits and vegetables, which meet the needs of agricultural producers, orchardists and produce farmers. We also supply butcher blocks, islands and butcher counters in several hardwood species for kitchens and restaurant applications. If stair components or other hardwood components are needed, our value-added process offer is perfectly suited to wholesalers or manufacturers of products using wood components.

GCharland is always in a position to help you increase your efficiency and therefore reduce your manufacturing costs by producing wood products needed for your specific applications. We also offer wholesale pre-packaged firewood logs and kindling for a number of clients, which complements our personalized service offering.

Our 4 Sectors of Activity:

GCharland’s primary mission is to take part in the growth of our customers by providing them with high-quality wood products and services. This is our commitment in pursuing a tradition of excellence.

Our highly trained staff is our main strength in wood processing. Our highly skilled employees are very familiar with the many parameters of the wood equipment they use. Our working methods, rich from 70 years of experience, and our optimized processes, using the finest tools available to enable us to produce a wide range of hardwood products. This also allows us to carry out several stages of wood processing faster and more efficiently than you could possibly do yourself. These are some of the reasons why companies rely on our wood processing products and services.

With 25,000 square feet of work space, our facilities offer state-of-the-art wood processing equipment to enable high-precision work. Our equipment ensures a high production capacity and our optimized processes allow us to react to any demand in a very short time frame.

Our wood processing equipment

  • Three production lines optimized for the manufacturing of different types of wooden boxes which provide us with a high production capacity and increased flexibility.

  • Cutting and finishing department for the manufacturing of butcher block countertops, counters and stair components. It includes equipment such as trimmers, multiple saws, panel clamps, planer, moulder, vertical slitting saw, time saver sander and many other pieces of equipment.

  • High-capacity cutting and bagging line for firewood and kindling production.

  • 40,000 PMP Dryer for our dry wood needs, mainly intended for our cutting and finishing department.

A Little Bit of History

The wood-processing company known as Gilles Charland is part of a long family tradition. The story begins in 1945, when Arthur Charland operated a sawmill and flour mill in Saint-Chrysostome. At the time, he sawed wooden logs for individuals and made hockey sticks for CCM.

In 1969, Gilles Charland took possession of his father’s sawmill, Arthur, and perfected the services of the company. He supplied contractors and manufacturers in the region with high quality wood products. In fact, many of the surrounding houses were built with lumber from the Charland sawmill.

Over the years, the company is expanding and the family is getting larger as well. In 1994, Claude and Benoît Charland take over from their father Gilles and develop the service offered by the Gilles Charland sawmill. In 2016, Guillaume steps in for Claude and the timber production company redefines itself and establishes new strategic alliances with wood wholesalers and wood manufacturers.

As a result of major investments, Gilles Charland, represented by the third and fourth generation, now offers highly sophisticated facilities for all wood processing needs as well as an array of state-of-the-art woodworking equipment, in order to manufacture all of the offered products.

Looking forward to working with you,
Guillaume and Benoit Charland

Environmental Consciousness

GCharland transforms wood with environmental concern and awareness. Respect for the environment is at the heart of our commitment, which is why we manage our recovery to minimize residues and waste related to wood processing.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Integrated Wood Processing Services.