Custom Butcher Block Counters for Top Chefs!

Hardwood Butcher Blocks Produced in the Traditional Manner. Walnut, Oak, Maple or Mahogany, Hand-Crafted and Ready to Install!

Interior designers know this well… Hardwood is the perfect complement to any decor. Commonly called a butcher’s block, your kitchen will take on a whole new look with the addition of a hardwood work surface. Whether it’s for the custom-made manufacturing of a central kitchen island or the production of an entire solid wood countertop kitchen, our masters will deliver butcher block products worthy of the greatest chefs.

GCharland Inc. Is a family business that has been involved in the manufacture and processing of wood for more than 70 years. Needless to say, we know hardwood!

Having mastered the art of shaping solid wood into a multitude of finishes and styles, GCharland now applies its know-how in the art of butcher block making.

Treat Yourself to a Counter Space that Will Meet Your Highest Requirements.

We are Able to Assist You in the Design of the Perfect Butcher Block

Your hardwood island or your custom-sized work surface is manufactured on site in our workshops, according to your needs. We offer several choices of wood species, thicknesses, amalgams and contours in order to create visual focus to your new kitchen. Looking for wood that’s out of the ordinary for your new countertops? In addition to the standard choices, we offer the possibility of custom ordering rare or exotic wood species, ask us!

Our know-how and experience are always on hand to ensure high-quality butcher blocks and high-performance solid wood kitchen countertops. You’ll benefit from a durable wood product for years to come, not to mention the added value that such an addition to your kitchen renovation can provide.

We produce according to your design, your inspiration, and assuredly according to your specifications, all to desired length. Your new wood surface is produced according to a technical plan, elaborated by our internal team or provided by your interior designer or kitchen specialist.

We Supply Counters and Wooden Surfaces up to 4 Inches Thick. Our Manufacturing Time is 2 Weeks.

Available Wood Species:

Dreaming of Maple Countertops, we have them in stock. An Oak island to make a bold statement, our master craftsmen are at work…

  • Walnut

  • Maple

  • Oak

  • Mahogany

  • Rare essences

  • Exotic species

A Custom Butcher Block, Yes It’s Possible With GCharland!